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educade Solutions

How we began


One day our Founder Regina was sitting at  her University's food court when she saw a poster calling for Young Change makers with social innovative ideas.Regina stepped up to the challenge and went to present educade  



Do not deny children who are willing to learn the ability to learn beyond boundraies. Let them learn and let them be children and have fun

       Our Work


Our work is two fold. It serves the private corporates (especially the ones targeting children): Firstly, the platform to advertise and promote their brands in a smart way. Secondly, it serves the primary school children with cutting-edge educational games. This is inclusive, it doesn't leave out an underprivileged child who doesn’t have a gaming gadget or a smart device to download educational Apps .We provide a very interactive learning environment through our standalone educade machines. The service is cheap and utilizes on the ancient “play” culture.

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educade is to revolutionize the learning culture,and introduces a highly effective advertising method to the private corporate sector  
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